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What is Occupancy?

After construction is complete, departments and staff are moved into the new facility and/or renovated space for a fully operational facility. While it is encouraged to engage staff throughout the entire design process, it is crucial to provide an orientation to the new facility and/or renovated space, its design features, and equipment to improve the transition from old practices to new.


Occupancy Activities

Activities occurring during occupancy that are led by the healthcare organization include: obtaining feedback from neighborhood leaders, performing community outreach, and planning marketing activities. Activities occurring during occupancy that are led by the design team include licensing.


Evidence-Based Design

In an EBD process, data is often collected after occupancy to evaluate whether hypothesized outcomes have been achieved. After you occupy the building you will complete Step Eight: post-occupancy evaluation.


Design Activities

Obtain certificate of occupancy; identify and resolve potential problems; make adjustments and modifications when needed.

Coordination of inspection and licensure reviews; If LEED status was pursued, finalize the LEED certification process - complete all documentation, checklist, LEED credit templates, project narrative; submit documentation to USGBC.

Performing community outreach; notify the local community about the opening of the new facility; obtain feedback from neighborhood leaders.

Conduct open-house and marketing activities.

Prior to accepting patients, it is helpful to have the staff practice typical functions and scenarios so they are not performing basic tasks for the first time where patient care is involved.