Breaking Ground: A comprehensive planning guide for health center projects


Created by NCB Capital Impact. Phases and activities related to this resource include:

Organizational Readiness

  • Conduct operational planning
  • Conduct allocation planning/preliminary space assessment
  • Finalize strategic planning
  • Develop community awareness/engagement
  • Develop the business plan (Sect VII)
  • Development of project budget
  • Explore various financing options
  • Develop a preliminary project schedule
  • Hire a project manager and architect (Sect IV)


  • Determine financial feasability
  • Conduct a market needs analysis and assessment
  • Select/survey sites and evaluate space availability (Sect IV.b)
  • Select an attorney, architect/interior designer, contractor and construction manager
  • Establish the remaining project team
  • Property aquisition/site control
  • Refine project budget/schedule (Sect VIII)


  • Continue conceptual diagramming
  • Design development
  • Permit process
  • Zoning/use processing
  • Furniture, fixtures, equipment (FFE) and technology planning
  • Purchasing plan
  • Construction documents
  • Value engineering (p. 33)
  • Early permit - third party approvals (p. 40-41)
  • Bid and award - this may be phased, based on contract type


  • Conduct construction inspection and surveillance (p. 43-49)
  • Create the punch list (p. 55)