What are some of permits I need to consider ?


There are several types of permits to consider during design, and they typically occur at different point in the process. 1) Local planning and zoning codes typically regulate lot size, site layout, building height restrictions, land use, setbacks (from the street), parking, historical landmarks, landscaping, open spaces, and the ratio of building size to lot/site size. These are considered at the onset of the project, even prior to site selection. 2) Building and safety codes regulate structural and foundation matters, construction materials, fireproofing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), plumbing fixtures and installation, electrical installation, and emergency egress. These codes must be followed during the design of the building, and are typically reviewed for compliance by state officials prior to construction. 3) Health: This commission (or authority) regulates health and safety issues and may be established by local, state, and/or federal regulatory authorities.