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We are in the process of considering the construction in up to 4 new community health centers to be built in the California areas of Fresno and Bakersfield next year.  Our board has given us the green light, but would like some confidence we have the best team on board in addition to seeing some of these new great ideas surface in our design.  How can we go about this process of considering new directions with architecture and design?  Is there a better method of choosing a design and architecture team?  We intend to use a negotiated general contract for construction.  Any ideas out there?

Ask the Architect: Knowledge Exchange Questions

Ask the Architect

Stuart Stoller of SGPA Architecture and Planning was one of the two architects in the room for the Promising Practices Seminar Knowledge exchange.  During his sessions he was asked a few questions:


1) Would a stand-alone dental clinic be subject to OSHPD 3, if it was licensed through a county health department? (That answer would need to be researched with the County based on their proposed licensure).


2) What are the peer-review comments for schematic plans of a Eureka, CA community health center? The plans were discussed in relation to experiences of other California Safety Net clinics.


3) How can LEED criteria impact a clinic interior? The limited range of materials used in clinic interiors were discussed.


Do you have answers to these questions?  What other questions are clinic staff asking their architect?