San Ysidro Health Center - Maternal Child Health Center

Exterior 1 MCHC
Exterior 1 MCHC
San Ysidro, California
Rodriguez Park
Opening Date: 
March 1, 2009
Type of Facility: 
New Facility
30,000 sq ft.
Services Offered: Dental, Behavioral, Medical, Pediatrics, Family Medicine
Safety Net Facility: 
Number of Exam Rooms: 
20 rooms
Number of Floors: 
3 floors
Number of Floors Occupied: 
3 floors
Average Daily Patient Encounters: 
300 encounters
Number of Care Providers: 
20 physicians
Encounters per Provider: 
15 encounters
Encounters per Clinic Hour: 
3 encounters
Number of Staff: 
50 staff members
Average Patient Cycle Time: 
1 hour

About This Clinic

Since 1969, San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC) has been providing quality, low-cost, primary health care services to South Bay & Central/Southeastern San Diego residents. SYHC offers an extensive array of family-oriented primary health care services, including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, adult medicine, dental care, mental health, podiatry, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy. We encourage all patients to actively participate in promoting and protecting their own health. Toward this goal, SYHC offers a variety of free health education programs.